Enhancing Customer Experience with Hospitality and Retail Technology

For closed environments such as Universities and large businesses, the Upay app (developed by Uniware Systems) is a fast payment and loyalty service that allows the customer to complete a loyalty and payment transaction in one go.

We strive to create a better experience for customers by using technology that streamlines payments, loyalty, promotions & discounts, ordering and client to customer communications.

Clients utilising the Upay app as a payment method have seen an average reduction in queues of 25%. Clients also saw increases in transaction value, transaction counts and average spend after introducing the Upay app. The incentives that the Upay app allows them to offer, made retaining customers and bringing in new customers a lot easier!

Uniware’s intelligent EPoS software, alongside the Upay app calculates all promotions, discounts, loyalty point gain/redemption and payment in one scan of a QR code on the customers’ Upay app.

Promotion types include “Buy X Get Y Free”, which sees an automatic accumulation on the promotion in the Upay app removing the need for paper stamp cards!

As well as loyalty points and promotions, the Voucher module allows clients to push out vouchers to individuals, groups or all users offering % off coupons or digital gift cards to spend instore. The usage of these can be restricted down to products and product groups purchased, times and days of the week.

To find out more, contact sales@uniware.co.uk or check out Uniware and Upay on LinkedIn: