Gobsmack – A unique, digital customer hub

Creating loyalty via rewards and value exchange, with built-in self-serve portfolio access and cross sell opportunities.

A Loyalty Solution

For industries that experience low customer engagement and high customer churn – insurance, telecoms, utilities and travel, amongst others – the Gobsmack platform offers a unique loyalty solution.

Gobsmack provides clients with a sophisticated, fully branded web and app dashboard that gives each user a clear, all-in-one-place view of all the products they currently own. Other product information and purchase options are clearly accessible, allowing 24/7 online self-management.

Personalised Interactions and Rewards

The dashboard and suite of customer communications are tailored and relevant to each individual’s experience, using a cutting-edge data facility.

At the heart of the platform is the customer’s personal digital wallet. This device allows clients to reward their customers with real cash for completing certain behaviours – renewing a policy or contract, purchasing an additional product, referring a friend, providing personal data, etc.

Cash is King

Cash, not points, is used as a tangible and universal reward currency. It is collected into the wallet and can be boosted via the proprietary shopping rewards programme. Customers are able to earn unlimited cash rewards with over 3,000 partner brands, online and on the high street.

The rules around customer redemption of the wallet total can be tailored to suit each client. Cash can be transferred into a bank account upon request, or – uniquely – used by the customer against a product renewal or further purchase with the client brand – creating retention, loyalty and engagement.

Gobsmack has proven that customers with cash in their digital wallet are more likely to be retained than customers who have not joined engaged with the proposition.

Get in touch

Gobsmack is currently working successfully with two of the UK’s largest insurers and is in late-stage negotiation with some of the country’s largest consumer brands.

To find out more about how we can help your business, however large or small, visit https://gobsmack.co.uk/

Or email contactus@gobsmack.co.uk