Two key factors were of great importance going into the Covid pandemic and these have emerged to be the two most important factors in the minds of employers right now.

Firstly, is connectivity and engagement with employees as by its nature, social distancing makes this more challenging and more relevant. The ability to be able to reward with memorable, enjoyable, and meaningful products and experiences is paramount.

Secondly, as highlighted by the CIPD, the statutory Duty of Care that an employer has for an employee’s wellbeing, which includes mental wellbeing.

At Lavish we are acuity aware of the important role that our product plays relative to these two points.

In its recent CV-19 Spa Report: June 2020 The Good Spa Guide, showed that the population is keen to return to Spa’s with only 2% saying they would not, but they will return in a different way. 65% say they are looking forward to returning to the Spa just to relax.

Here at Lavish we are very conscious that our product is ideally suited to that wellness and relaxation need. The benefits to the employees are endless: stress relief, some treatments offer curative benefits and of course time to switch off. Many Spas now offer a holistic approach (Mind, Soul & Body) so the benefits are even wider.

Lavish is a Spa Beauty and Wellness gift card that is redeemable across the UK in a variety of different venues that service some of the larger incentive and reward companies.

Lavish is headed up by Katrina Dunne, who has a lifetime of experience in the HR and employee motivation space. Her husband and business partner Brian Dunne is well known to us all as a founder of IMA Europe, a Fellow of IMA Globally and a Life Time Achievement holder from the UKGCVA.

Lavish was acquired from Wendy Carter CEO and Founder of Collection Pot, at the start of the year.  This was a great addition to the existing gift card infrastructure that was in place with the Great British Pub Card. The team Sarah, Claire, Cordelia, and Katrina were all delighted to add the delights of a prominent Spa Beauty and Wellness gift card onto the range.

Katrina’s passion for Lavish has come from her own experiences while working in HR, “I have seen the delight on an employee’s face when they have been given a reward of a Spa Day or relaxing treatment. The impact of this reward is immense, not only are you saying thank you, you are giving a gift that allows the employee to spend time on themselves relaxing and having some “me” time. Some people would not spend that time and money on themselves in this way, as it is not necessarily a priority, so a reward like this is even more special and means a lot.

The workplace as we know it is rapidly changing and the wellbeing of our employees is key. The type of gift we give to reward, recognise, and incentivise our employees will be even more important moving forward.

The gift of wellness is going to be even more powerful as we venture into this new world.

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