Sodexo Engage share their insights on why saying thank you is good for business… especially now!

It’s safe to say that despite the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions, we’re still living in uncertain times. Fears of a second wave are making the rounds in the media and some businesses are showing reluctance to return to the workplace.

Due to Covid-19, almost all of us have had to make huge sacrifices to our everyday lives and we are now starting to re-adjust to the ‘new normal’.

This has thrown up a lot of problems over the last few months and at Sodexo Engage, we are seeing the need for businesses to explore new ways to approach their employee benefits, recognition and wellbeing initiatives to keep morale and productivity where it needs to be.

Saying thank you is good for business, everyone knows that. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine 79% of employees will quit their jobs because they feel unappreciated, so a simple thank you can go a long way.

Emotions are high, and everyday challenges are becoming bigger struggles; so it’s more important than ever to reward your employees for a job well done and recognise the hard work and commitment they have shown during these challenging times.

Whether it’s a reward for hitting a sales target, an on-the-spot award for cracking customer service or a simple thank you for their efforts, we’ll help you craft a reward package that reaches out and engages your staff demographic – creating that positive, emotional, connection between you and your people.

But don’t just take our word for it, companies with engaged employees will generate 2.5x more revenue than those with disengaged ones (Hay Group).

Take a look at the range of Reward and Recognition solutions Sodexo Engage offer to help you provide additional support for your people.