Skylability Assessment

We realise that a candidate’s CV represents only 30% of the value they can add to the role they are applying for so we don’t believe in just sending a shortlist of generic illustrations of career achievements.   We are dedicated to meet over 85% of the criteria that our clients request and it is our job to determine ‘what lies beneath’ the words on a CV.  We have discovered a simple way to market the candidate ‘holistically’ so hiring clients can see their true value.

Our Skylability Assessment is a set of three questions, specific to the role that are designed by us with the hiring managers input.

Candidates are encouraged to offer specific case studies and showcase true examples that relate to the role in question.  We then look for certain behaviours, uncover ways they ‘think’ in commercial situations and above all, assess how well they fit in to a team.

We then use the answers as part of their profile from which we draw up our shortlist of the finest talent for your role. You can use their Skylability Assessment as an interview tool.


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