99Minds’s mission is to help merchants sell more & earn more at every stage of the Customer Journey.

Monetization Opportunities

99minds innovative business model helps brands to earn cash while cross-selling & up selling complementary brands.

99minds sits at the junction of digital marketing and eCommerce and connects brands with the right consumers when they are in a buying state of mind. It allows brands to start lifetime relationships with engaged, responsive consumers and delivers smarter monetization opportunities for eCommerce & retailers sites. Deals pop up after the checkout process completed.

For Example, Dollar Shave Club cross-selling SocksinaBox free 1-month Subscriptions as incentives.

Another Example: Telecom Provider, like T-mobile, offers free 3-months Netflix subscription.

99Minds is an API powered Loyalty & Promotion platform that delivers personalized experiences at every customer touchpoint: web and mobile apps. The platform integrates with the Segment data management platform provides a unified view of the customer, allowing the rapid and scalable creation of highly targeted digital promotions using Amazon Personalize. 

Marketers, product managers, and engineers use 99minds daily to launch new promotion personalization campaigns, leverage machine-learning for product and content recommendations, and employ algorithms for smartly triggered email, including on-site messaging and push notifications.

99minds platform enables merchants to create coupons, gift cards, discounts, sends out referrals, builds loyalty programs, and location-based promotions for their customers. 

Currently, helping 1.5+ million loyalty members to personalize their buying journey and processing $600 MM transactions.

Headquartered in New York, the company serves eCommerce, Retails, Financial institutions, and Hospitality customers worldwide.

Contact details:

  • www.99minds.io 
  • sara@99minds.io
  • Mobile: +1 917-727-4266