What is Madai excited to talk about? 

Firstly, our unique ability to supply brands with the attention they need while making their consumers happy. (this, without affecting brand’s image or pricing)

How do they do it? 

We propose our unique technology; a smart e-commerce where consumers create discounts in real-time, to brands and media companies.

Click on the image below for an example of how this works in action:

AVAVAV offers their gift card in exchange for attention – data, leads and of course, purchase of the gift card.

Our platform allows for a discount in real-time in exchange for each answer. 

Users are psyched with the instant gratification, value gain and feeling rewarded for their time.

Brand deepens the relationship with consumer and is not compromised in any way.

The conversion rates? In the above case 50-70% even before any paid advertising.

Imagine all brands which would want to conduct their own market research or gain other types of attention without having to pay massive amounts or wait long periods for results.

They can monitor campaigns in real-time and gift cards can be placed in consumer’s pockets in a new, compelling way where everyone wins.

For more information, contact Ivka Markovic at Madai