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We do this first. We ask our clients to give us access to key people in their business, so that we can draw a 360 degree picture of what and who makes it great. At the end of the day, that’s what success in business is about. Bench-marking is critical to our search being successful, so we need to know how your business runs from inside out. The best candidates will ask all about you, so we need to be prepared to engage them – at the same time as promoting your brand and vision as an exciting concept. It’s a two way street. For senior leadership roles, we create three critical questions with you that are the essence of the job you want them to do and use these as part of our search methods. This is our ‘Skylabiity‘ assessment.



With open planning from the outset with our clients, we do our best to find your ideal employee quickly and keep them away from your competitors. We agree a timeline from start to finish and work to it. You need to know how your competitors are enticing the best people in your industry or if your package and benefits are in line with the market; so we tell you honestly. Open mindedness about changes to the job role, work-life balance, as well as salary; as we’ll advise on this so you don’t lose valuable future employees. We’ll also advise you on the interview process, and any technique shortfalls; as well as strong employee on-boarding processes.



95% of the time, the first candidate that our client interviews gets offered the job; which means we get it right first time. We know for a fact that not many recruitment companies can say this. What this means is that our clients only need to interview more candidates only 5% of the time; saving time and money throughout the process. It seems too good to be true, but the data says it is; This is all down to a lot of hard work in the evenings and weekends to catch the perfect people at the times that suit them best. That’s more often than not outside working hours.


Put us to the test

If you’re dubious, put us to the test. We’ll send you a maximum of just three profiles for any job you place with us. We aim for an 85% match on the criteria and we’re strict on that. With the cost to hire increasing for businesses, the initial hard work we put in to help retain your staff is a measure of our success and will save you money long term. In the last 2 years a staggering 93% of our placed candidates remain in their job or have been promoted.

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