It’s no secret that engaged employees are more productive than non-engaged ones. Fact. Everyone knows that in this industry. But is that because they are being rewarded for doing their day job and going that extra mile at everything (over expectations) or is it because they simply want rewarding for getting up in the morning?

Employees, when they sign up to a targetted position, have a literal contractual obligation to hit their targets. If that’s 100 sales calls a week, 100 sales is only just good enough. If it’s billing £5k, then they get to keep their job when they hit it.

That’s an extreme way of looking at it, but if someone continually underperforms, then they’re under achieving. Simple.

Hitting target isn’t good enough in my books. Hitting targets is the starting point, the level that things start getting interesting (and profitable for all).

Extreme achievement should be the goal. And extreme achievement needs rewarding, but the reward needs to be extreme. They need to reflect that winning mentality and effort.

Somebody I met recently told me that people want rewarding NOW, in that moment, immediately. 

Somebody I met recently told me that people want rewarding NOW, in that moment, immediately.

In addition, people want it to be personal.  People want saliency. Achievements must be lauded.

People are looking for new experiences, something that sets them apart (cash just don’t cut it).

So. with all the technology on offer, and bearing all this in mind, I think we need to keep employees pushing for their ‘extreme’ performance level to reach the goal of extreme rewards. Then, and only then will we all win in extremely lucrative ways.

Extreme: adjective

Reaching a high or the highest degree; very great.

synonyms: utmost, uttermost, very great, greatest, greatest possible, maximum, maximal, highest, ultimate, supreme, paramount, great, acute, major, intense, enormous, severe, high, superlative, exceptional, extraordinary…