A brilliantly successful event held in Rotterdam with the IMA Europe on the 11th January gave Gift Card Recruitment the chance to reveal itself in true glory.  Full of interesting, successful people, overwhelmingly accepting us as the world’s FIRST recruitment firm to support their industry.


The event began with some content driven presentations about Global Loyalty Trends, e-learning and rewards that boost brand engagement, and an inspiring talk from Ocean Cleanup.  Our MD, Hadie Perkas also addressed the room in dutch which prompted a round of applause.  She continued to share her 12 top tips on writing an engaging job description ( see video below) before Sean Connolly, our Business Development Manager, threw in his 30 seconds of love at the end, with a caring tone should the audience have any recruitment pains that they wish to discuss over a few beers in the evening.



The networking carried on into the evening over wine and canapes at the top of the landmark Euromast via water taxi and then more drinks were consumed at a city centre beer bar.

A great event, looking forward to Dublin in March…….