it all started with a debate on Linked In after I commented on a post from a loyalty know-it-all (not me this time!) about the new trend of “paid for” loyalty programmes like Amazon Prime, Ocado Fast Pass and others. I simply commented that these aren’t loyalty programmes, they are subscription services.   This ignited a livelier than expected debate, some agreeing with me, others telling me why I was wrong.

After reading the replies and different views shared, I started to think about the huge recent increase in “subscription box” offerings, everything from craft gin to organic dog food.  The companies that offer these services are typically small start-ups with founders passionate about their products, which also makes them very interesting and fun people I’d like to work with.   These companies all have a huge, double edged, never ending challenge to build their business:  First, the difficult challenge of customer acquisition followed immediately by, holding on for dear life to a customer in a sector where the “norm” is an attrition rate > 40% after just a few months.

If the mere act of signing up for a subscription service, be it legacy services such as broadband, satellite TV, a gym membership etc., or the newish offerings of streaming media or food, grooming, beauty or booze delivered to your door, is not driving customer loyalty, then what can?

“Disruptive Loyalty in a Box” is a bespoke ‘pop-up’ consultancy engagement, targeted at “subscription box” services large and small to answer this very question.   I’ll spend ½ a day with you and your team and learn about your current business strategy and challenges using the format of an interactive workshop.   I then go away and think, then come back in a week or less with my recommendations of how your business can enhance what you are already doing in terms of customer engagement, share of wallet growth and of course, retention.

As the founder of my own start-up, I realise that the target audience for DLiaB probably can’t afford to spend tens of thousands on strategic consultancy.  DLiaB is a fixed cost engagement, reasonably priced at £2500 + VAT

If you’d like to learn more, please come chat with me on LinkedIn or email