Customer loyalty programmes are more important than ever since the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic seemed to shift consumer mindsets around loyalty.  As life was thrown into chaos with businesses of all sizes having to shut down and rapidly adapt, many consumers were prepared to remain loyal; accepting vouchers and deferments instead of refunds; buying gift cards to support businesses and generally wanting to keep the economy on its feet.

But this sense of goodwill, of wanting to support businesses, can only go so far.  Especially as consumer confidence is set to diminish as the economic fallout continues.  With this in mind, loyalty programmes are likely to be even more important than ever before.

In January 2020, YouGov and Mando-Connect conducted a study which looked at what Brits expect from a loyalty programme.  The top most ‘expected’ deliverable from a loyalty programme was ‘great value’.  Since then, another survey has been conducted, comparing views from January to April 2020, which indicates that loyalty programmes have become more appealing since lockdown and more positively impactful on behaviour and attitude.

There are many simple ways to deliver an effective loyalty programme.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Just providing a simple ‘Thank You’ via a digital or physical gift card will deliver results.  But something that goes a little bit further in terms offering ‘great value’ and exclusivity could provide even more sustainable results.

Gift Card Marketplace is something new from Diggecard, launching officially in a couple of weeks time.  This ‘plug in’ platform allows businesses of all sizes to offer something of true value to customers, members and employees.  Either added on as part of an existing website, or running as a separate micro site, Marketplace helps to drive loyalty by giving users an exclusive login to purchase discounted digital gift cards.  Ranging from supermarkets, fashion, electricals, homewares, leisure and multi retailers, consumers can shop for what they need at a discount.

As we approach the rocky months ahead, loyal customers, members and employees have never been more important.  Please get in touch to find out more about Gift Card Marketplace.