Building a new type of loyalty brand and proposition in the loyalty space

I’ve learned a few things over the last couple decades. One of them is that clients don’t often know who to talk to about loyalty. They know they want a loyalty-based solution but they don’t really know whom exactly to approach.

Not surprising as loyalty is a wide discipline, with a lot of different players.  Some come at it from a consulting perspective, others from an IT / systems / platform perspective and others from a reward or incentive perspective

So when I decided to “go it alone” I wanted to create a brand that was honest and approachable. Bob’s Loyalty Shop is just me, so it doesn’t get more honest and approachable than that. I’m not pretending to be a big agency or network. I’m just offering big agency experience and know how in an accessible and affordable manner.

Over the last nearly three decades I’ve worked across every aspect of loyalty: partnership based, points based, reward based, CRM / data led, security print  / game based, content based and product based programs. In addition I’ve also built a large number of leisure networks and dining club brands from scratch.

In a nutshell, Bob’s Loyalty Shop focuses on the following:

  1. Working with agencies / loyalty providers to improve their pre-sales front end of their marketing and new business /sales process.
  2. Working with agencies and reward providers to help them either build new leisure and lifestyle incentives or help them market their existing products.
  3. Providing agencies / clients with advice on how to build a new program or how to refresh a stale or non-performing program

Therefore, Bob’s Loyalty Shop is where agencies and clients can cost effectively access this wealth of knowledge and experience to improve their new business process, create or enhance their rewards, partnership marketing, content and loyalty programs.


Website:  E: T: 07480 739993