Be a better friend; the only address book you’ll ever need.

DustiD is the first global addressing platform designed to simplify users’ lives, whilst slashing shopping cart abandonment for online retailers.

Over 30% of cart abandonment occurs within the checkout, primarily due to the pain and frustration shoppers experience when they are forced to complete repetitive, poorly organised, and horribly thought through forms. Lost sales are 3 times the actual volume of online retail, and worse still, 5% of the time when a sale is completed, it is mis-shipped due to input error

DustiD is the first addressing platform that only requires the buyer to know the recipients mobile phone number. Whether it’s a gift, a package, a card, or anything else in-between, it’s chosen, posted…Done & DustiD.

To comply with GDPR, users simply register their mobile number and preferred shipping address details at or via the Android or iOS app.

When checking out, buyers simply tap the DustiD addressing option and the platform uploads a validated and preferred single use address file to the retailer. This completes the form without ever disclosing to the buyer, the recipients postal address details.

Adding convenience for 80% of friends & family that don’t know each other’s address details, whilst at the same time slashing cart abandonment and mis-shipment costs for retailers.

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