Deborah, Chief of People asks,  “How do I Attract The Best Talent All The Time?”

Hadie, Recruitment Guru answers: “You need a cost effective & winning candidate attraction formula – An Employer Brand”

What is an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is the way that candidates and employees view your company, the experiences and interactions they’ve had, and ultimately how they would describe your company to another person.

How do I create one?

There are many facets that shape candidates’ opinions and can help to create a positive employer brand throughout the recruiting process:

1 – Your Website / Social Media needs to:

  • Cultivate a great employer image
  • Tell stories of daily life in your company
  • Reflect your internal dialogue
  • Showcase the work you are doing or have done
  • Link your career page
  • Show images & videos of how you celebrate employees

2 – Your Career Page must:

  • Portray you as an employer to trust and engage with
  • Be up to date
  • Describe your core values
  • Promote your company benefits – they say a lot about who you are

3 – Your Talent Network:

  • These are people that follow your company across social media or subscribe to your newsletters or emails or apply for roles. Everyone is a candidate or a customer!
  • A talent network allows for candidates to feel as though they are a part of the company without actually being in the interview process or working there.
  • Commit to sending out regular updates
  • They will have the chance to see if they identify with the employer brand over time

4 – Employee Reviews – please consider:

  • The rise of Glassdoor – a candidate can read about real life employee experiences so ensure to encourage employees to promote their best experiences as much as possible, as many times as possible.
  • Social Media – video interviews and podcasts will help build an engaging employee review library.

5 – Your Internal Recruitment Processes need to have:

  • Engaging job descriptions & simple adverts that reflect the company’s voice.
  • A slick candidate journey from application to rejection / on-boarding
  • An incredible interview experience that leaves a candidate skipping out the door
  • A timely and detailed feedback strategy.

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