To get you more into the marketing mood in 2020, Marc Pinner, marketing expert and friend of the IMA, celebrates consistency in business, marketing and sport …

We Don’t Do Dull

How dull is the word consistency? Consistency often means steady, which to many is possibly one of the dullest words possible. The rewards industry is about incentives and doesn’t do dull … but that word consistency, is one word that transcends and cuts through.

The rewards industry is often about excelling, doing things bigger and better than before, from sales incentives (selling more) to employee rewards (doing more or better), but how often is it for just doing? Just doing, consistently.

Doing things the same way over time sounds dull and is often followed by the words “you then just get the same results”, but no business wants the same old, but wants more – more growth, more productivity, more engagement, more teamwork, more revenue and more profit.

The marketing industry too is also tasked with pushing the boundaries – new customers, new solutions, new innovations. There’s always something more or better ahead and it’s the role of marketing to grasp that and provide the tools to deliver.

Marketing Consistency

Putting “consistency” into Google, you get “acting or doing in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate” but surely that’s the last thing you want to reward? But then Google really does reward consistency. If your brand messages, your website, your social media are even just a little out of sync, Google will not respect that and your ultimate aim of getting on the first page, or on the first few entries of your chosen keywords, is compromised. Easy marketing then means paying for it through Google AdWords.

Consistency over-time is very good for brands who build their equity based on providing the same consistent service, results, proposition and delivery. It builds loyalty. Consistent (good!) customer service is what brings people back to you time and time again. A consistent value proposition in marketing is also good, and great if at every touchpoint your prospect hears and sees the same. In our attention-poor world, consistency is reassuring.

Mr Consistency

To align this with what’s hot in 2020 is Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC is, among other things, a case study in consistency. The team is top of the Premier League, winning while playing exhilarating football. Exciting players such as Salah, Mane and Firmino are box office, delighting the crowds. But while there is flair in the team, what truly stands out and makes the difference, is the engine of consistency, underpinned by one player, the dependable workhorse that is, Henderson. Mr Consistency. He’s taking all the plaudits this year for consistent leadership week in and week out. The brand equity is enhanced by a deep recognition that you’ll get this consistently.

If consistency is being rewarded in the most high-profile sports league in the world, so it should be rewarded everywhere.

2020 Rewards

So, rewards and incentives businesses – be different in 2020 – don’t just reward clear and obvious success, do give a thought and get your clients rewarding all those that just do it well, all the time, not always outstanding, over-the-top, but always consistently.

Funny how a blog on consistency, flirts between consistency, consistently and consistent. Maybe it’s just me that isn’t consistent!