Women in Business

The Davies annual report proposed challenging targets for improving the representation of women on the boards of FTSE 350 companies.

So, recommendation 8 of the Davies Report proposed that the executive search community should draw up a voluntary code of conduct to address gender diversity on corporate boards and best practice for the related search processes.
Executive search firms are committed to help their clients increase the effectiveness of their boards and acknowledge the value that diversity can bring; they readily acknowledge the important role their profession needs to play in supporting chairmen and nominations committees as they take steps to increase the proportion of women on their boards, in both executive and non‐executive roles.

The most recent report in 2015 shows that female representation on FTSE 350 boards has almost doubled in four years to 23.5 per cent. The government’s goal is to reach 33% by 2020.

Gift Card Recruitment is a supporter of this initiative and believe that female representation at the top should be chosen from the potential of the women already in the workplace at lower grades. Therefore, taking into account relevant skills and experience, we strive to present a minimum of four candidates for each exclusive vacancy of which 25% are female.

Supporting Gender Diversity & the Women on Boards initiative


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